Makomas FAQ

Who is behind Makomas?

When Magbè Savané was a child growing up in Cote d’Ivoire, West Africa, Magbe’s mother made beverages that she and her sister sold throughout the neighborhood. Word spread, demand grew and the delicious beverages were then sold in shops all over their city. What started small became a thriving family business. MAKOMAS is proud to carry on that tradition.

Are the beverages organic?

All of our ingredients are certified organic and we are in the final stages of the certification process. Organic certification in September 2015!

What is baobab fruit?

Baobab is a a fruit of the gigantic Baobab tree found in Africa, known as “the tree of life”. The baobab fruit is a source of immense health benefits. MAKOMAS is proud to support the livelihood of the numerous small farmer who harvest the baobab fruit in Africa.

Where do you get the baobab fruit?

Baobab is a native fruit that comes from the big Baobab tree found on the mainland of Africa. The tree, also known as the tree of life is a source of immense health benefits. We use organic baobab fruit to make its drink. At the same time, our company prides itself on being able to provide livelihood to various small farmers.

What is hibiscus flower drink?

Our hibiscus drink is prepared using organic hibiscus flowers grown in Africa. The resultant drink is rejuvenating in taste and is refreshingly fragrant. Our hibiscus drink is caffeine-free, making it a healthy and perfect drink for the whole family.

Where do you get your ginger roots?

Our ginger root is harvested right here in the United States. We work with small farmers to dig the most prized organic ginger roots to make our ginger drink. Ginger root has a long history of medicinal benefits.

Why do you pasteurize the beverages?

Pasteurization ensures that MAKOMAS drinks are safe to drink.

Do I need to keep MAKOMAS beverages refrigerated?

MAKOMAS beverages require refrigeration after opening.

Where are your beverages made?

We make our beverages in a Massachusetts bottling facility that follows stringent health codes. Not only are our bottles colorful and attractive, they are reusable as well.

Can my kids drink makomas?

Of course! The drinks are for thirst quenching and healthy for everyone, no matter the age.

Where can I buy MAKOMAS beverages?

Check out our Store Locations to see if we are sold near you. We are expanding as quick as we can, but until then you can order online.

If you would like MAKOMAS to be available near you, the best way to help is to ask your favorite retailer to start carrying us.

Visit the customer service desk at your local store and request to speak to the buyer. You can ask them to contact our sales team at or call 877-787-0059 and we’ll respond promptly.

I love MAKOMAS beverages and really want to help get it my location! What can I do?

We love you too! The best way to help us at this point is to let your local retailers know you’d really like to see MAKOMAS in their stores.

Posting on social media helps out a bunch too!